ARTICLE 1. The 15th International Punta del Este Marathon will be co-organized by Filípides SRL and Suca Sports. This event will be held on Sunday, 08 September 2024. All people over 18 years of age as of the day of the race will be able to participate in the Marathon and Half Marathon (42k and 21k), and over 14 years in the 10k and 5k races.

ARTICLE 2. To receive your kit athletes will be requested:

  • ID Card
  • Payment receipt (voucher), or PayPal mail confirmation, or a receipt if you paid your registration to any of our authorized agents abroad.
  • Disclaimer duly signed. Runners under the age of 18 who participate in the 10k or 5k race must submit the disclaimer signed by themselves and their father or mother.
  • Uruguay resident Athletes:Current fitness sheet issued by the National Sports Office  and/or Basic Health Card or medical certificate stating there is no recommendation against running a race. We recommend those who are more than 40, to make an appointment with a cardiologist if this was not already required for their Health Card. Non Uruguay resident Athletes: Medical certificate stating there is no recommendation against running a race.


ARTICLE 3. The maximum time duration is 6 hours. After that, all the control points will be removed and the course will be completely open to regular traffic.

ARTICLE 4. The race numbers must be visibly placed on the chest. They should not be modified in any way, nor folded. Runners who do not show their race number, do not complete the course or have antisport behavior, will be disqualified.

ARTICLE 5. All those who run the race without proper registration, without race number, with an altered race number or who is not of age according to the rules, will not have access to the benefits reserved for the runners who have officially been registered, and might even be asked to abandon the race at any time. Any of the aforementioned circumstances will be cause for automatic disqualification. The Organization reserves the right to perform random antidoping tests to the competitors, especially to the winners of the race. Should there be a positive result, the runner will be immediately disqualified and will have to return any prizes he might have received.

ARTICLE 6. The Organization recommends that all participants submit themselves to a medical check previous to the race, in order to know whether they are apt for it or not.

ARTICLE 7. Baggage drop off will be located near the Start for runners to leave their personal belongings, but the organization will not be held responsible for the objects inside each bag. Please do not deposit valuable objects such as watches, expensive garments or accessories, electronic music devices, or cellular phones, checks, credit cards, etc. The organization is not liable for lost objects at baggage drop off.

ARTICLE 8. (ONLY FOR THE MARATHON) The Organization will provide sweep buses to transport any entrant who, for any reason, wishes to drop out. These vehicles will follow the last runner from the Start to the Finish.

ARTICLE 9. The prize-giving ceremony will take place at place and time to be confirmed, during which the following prizes will be presented: a) to the first 3 of each male category; b) to the first 3 of each female category; c) to the 5 first of the overall male classification; d) to the 5 first of the overall female classification. The overall classification trophies are not cumulative with those by categories. The race judges’ decisions during the race, as well as their final classification, are final. All claims should be addressed to the Organization in written, within the hour. Runners who complete de race according to the present regulations will be entitled to the prizes published in it and to those which will be published in the website. Runners who are summoned to receive their prizes should immediately go to the prize giving ceremony and podium to collect them. Those absent at the ceremony have no right to claim and will be duly informed where to collect their trophies (not the sponsors’ prizes) within the next 60 days. The organization will not deliver prizes to those absent. The Organization reserves the right to include other prizes and will publishing this in the website.

ARTICLE 10. The race will only be followed by vehicles authorized by the organization. Runners cannot be followed by motorbikes, bikes or any other vehicles. The local police have been instructed to invite unauthorized vehicles to move out, in order to avoid all possible accidents.

ARTICLE 11. It is absolutely forbidden to run with political or religious legends no matter which. Should this situation be detected, the runner will be requested to remove the legend, under penalty of being disqualified.

ARTICLE 12. All runners participating in this race do so under their sole responsibility, being aware that participating in a marathon may imply serious risks. The Organization declines all responsibility for the damages the participation in the race may cause to the runner, to other people and also in the case of damage that third parties may cause to the participants. Also, the Organization, the sponsors and producers of this event have no responsibility whatsoever for the damages a registered runner might cause to another runner or to a third party, these damages being the sole responsibility of the runner.

ARTICLE 13. The Organization, the sponsors and producers of this event will not reimburse any amount of money for lost equipment and/or accessories used by the athletes during the event, nor will it be held responsible for any material loss or injury an athlete might suffer during the event.

ARTICULO 14. Inscriptions are non-transferable and are valid for this event only.

ARTICLE 15. It is mandatory that all participants sign —the moment they pick up the kit— the Responsibility Disclaim and the acceptance of the present rules.

ARTICLE 16. By the mere fact of registering to this race, all runners are expressly authorizing the publication of their names in the Classification list and of their pictures in the media and/or internet.

ARTICLE 17. Runners will not be allowed to participate if they have been suspended or if it has been proved that they used forbidden substances or if there is a penalty imposed by a Confederation or by a Federation, in-force at the time the event takes place.

ARTICLE 18. Any unforeseen technical/sports situation or event that might occur during the marathon, and which had not been contemplated in these regulations, will be subject to the exclusive decision of the Technical Direction of the event.

ARTICLE 19. The Organization or the producers may cancel the event at any time for public security reasons, for public event, vandalism and/or other force majeure reason.

ARTICLE 20. Any runner who fails to comply with these regulations or who fails to provide a written notice regarding any disability he might have, will be disqualified at any time.

ARTICLE 21. The Organization reserves the right to modify any of the aforementioned articles of these regulations, before the race starts.